Ken Rower
Keyed-beam testing at the Eastern Conference, Château Montebello, 2010

The Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC) formed in 2005 at a Guild conference in recognition of the considerable number of structural engineers among the Guild membership and in response to a felt need for systematic research, discussion and codification of timber frame joinery and structural practices. 
Membership in the TFEC is open to any Guild member with an interest in timber frame engineering. Annual dues are $75 in addition to Guild dues. Join here. TFEC conducts technical symposia at national Guild conferences, publishes bulletins and maintains its own website,

The TFEC will hold a timber grading course April 7-9, 2014, in Washington, Mass.
Says Tom Nehil, "This course won’t make you a certified lumber grader; you won’t be grade stamping anything after graduation, since that would require a more time-consuming and expensive level of training than we offer here. But you will likely know more about the science and understand the grading rules better than many certified graders, especially as they relate to structural timber. We think this is a good way for all of us in the TF industry to raise the bar on what we are doing and provide better value to our clients."