Apprenticeship Training Program

The Apprentice Training Program (ATP) is based on a U.S. Department of Labor–certified training progression that culminates in professionals trained in all aspects of timber framing.  The curriculum outline and certification were pursued over ten years by Guild member Will Beemer with extensive help from other members.  Timber framers have already worked through the program, and the ATP is still very much a work in progress.

Where We Are

The Numbers

  • In our 5th year, we have registered 35 Journeyworkers (JWs) and 11 Apprentices (APPs) total.
  • Currently 15 active JWs and 3 currently active APPs ( more applications under review)
  • We graduated the 1st apprentice in 2012 and have graduated 3 since then.
  • Dues are $1,000 per year for each JW and APP.

Building the Materials

  • Curriculum is approximately 35% complete.
  • Firm commitments to deliver more collateral have been difficult to secure.
  • Successful collaboration with TFG conference presenters has captured valuable program content while offering program specific training in real time.

Building the Delivery System

  • The program funds training for APPs/JWs. JW funding is capped at $350 per year. No ceiling for APP funds, but each application is subject to committee review and budgetary constraints.
  • The ATP held our 4th annual self-funded Apprentice Training and Assessment event this past February. This would not be possible without volunteer efforts and in-kind contribution.
  • The ATP believes that TFG community building events are one of the best training platforms available to Guild members and ATP subscribers.
  • The program has been involved in identifying and recruiting conference presenters for professional development content: J. Sobon’s TF History, B. Dillon’s Stair workshop, G. Mullen rigging demo, B. Lindsey on grading, J. Mumaw/Mullin computer aided engineering , B. Sutter developed drawing, A. Jones Estimating, W. Beemer Safety, R. Churchill project management – others.