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Collin Beggs has designed and built custom timber frames for clients across North America since 2003. He provides the services of architectural designer, master carpenter and general contractor from his shop in Sandpoint, located in the majestic forests of Northern Idaho.

Collin is known for using naturally curving crooked wood in his designs. There are only a handful of timber framers nationally who work with crooked timber, and this is especially limited in the Western United States. 

Crooked timber has long been sought after for its inherent beauty and the way it created harmonious geometry. Examples of this include Welsh crucks, which mirror the Gothic arches seen in ancient cathedrals.

Using crooked timber presents a specific set of creative and design challenges. Rather than cut curves in straight timber, which results in weaker arches, Collin prefers to find natural curves in the forest where they originate. Using natural curves takes devotion, but also cannot be replicated by any machine and confirms our interdependence with the forest.


Architectural designer, master carpenter and general contractor. Specialized in custom work in the style of the old timber frame masters. In addition to his own projects, his shop is a preeminent resource for architects and custom builders using heavy timber.


P.O. Box 964
Sandpoint, ID 83864
United States




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