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Stephen Morrison

I started woodworking straight out of high school, building furniture in a shop in Atlanta and working in a cabinet shop in Montana. Coming back to the Southeast to work as a raft guide, I stumbled into timber framing quite accidentally. After working for several years in a few different shops, I started MoreSun Custom Woodworking in 2002. While MoreSun offers just about any kind of woodworking, timber framing makes up about 90% of the business. Having been an inactive Guild member for a few years, I was coerced into attending a Guild function in 2003 by Peter Bull, and I was hooked forever. It became hard to even think of missing a Guild event: the fun, the skills, the education, and the camaraderie made just too great of an opportunity.

I led the children’s workshops at the conferences for several years and was an instructor on the John C Campbell project in N.C. In 2008, I joined the TFBC board and have been very active there. My company has hosted the Guild’s Southeast Regional Meeting a couple of times. For the last year or so, I worked on the merger between TFG and TFBC. I look forward to continuing the work of the timber frame community and helping to develop the new organization.

Phone: 864-647-1669

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