Seeking Internship

We recently received an appeal from a future timber framer, looking to learn the craft.  Is there a Guild member who would be willing to reach out to Tudeme to discuss options for an internship with their company?

Hello, I am a civil engineer with a good years of experience in both construction, design and project management. I am from Nigeria and our structures are basically on concrete, blocks, steel, the concrete is mostly reinforced. This material makes building of houses very expensive. We are thinking of combining timber frame with blocks or clay bricks to bring down the cost drastically, this has prompted me to write because we are not so used to timber frame so combining it will require some skills about timber framing. We would like to work hand in hand and learn this trend to see how we can incorporate it into our housing here. I would be obliged if we can learn from you as an intern or another way

Tudeme Chuks Thomas

Asaba, DE 12345