Layout Square

Borneman Layout Template - Back in Stock!  And beautiful!

Now with base measuring 3/4" on one side, 1" on the other.

This tool, designed mainly for laying out to a reference edge, has a fence that rides along the edge of the timber and slots in half-inch increments for drawing lines at set distances parallel to that edge. The fence is deep enough to straddle a waney edge. Very handy.

A TFG Logo incised in the body. Very handsome.


Layout Square Reviews

Tom King from Indianapolis, IN
Great product. Nicely machined. Indispensable for laying out timbers and other uses in the timber framing process.

Louis from Rhome, TX
Well made...a must if you do timber framing.

Received my layout square quickly and in good condition. Thanks for having this available for TF's, its a great necessary tool.