Each year the Guild awards scholarships to assist people who cannot afford TFG events, using the income from a scholarship fund to which hundreds of members donate when they renew or join for the first time. Origins The fund was established in 1999 and later named in memory of Mark Brandt of Georgia, one of our best instructors and a compound joinery whiz, after his untimely death in 2001. A fundraising goal was quickly reached through member donations augmented by allocations from the Guild’s general fund during years of growth. Generous donations in memory of longtime Guild members Mark Witter and Dave Gaker, who passed away in 2004, swelled the fund further. The fund is now called the Memorial Scholarship Fund, and with each scholarship we will remember those in whose memories it has grown.

To learn more about the Guild members who are remembered in this generous manner, see Memorial Scholarship History. To help, please donate.

Scholarship Awards

Usually, we are able to award scholarships to all who meet the scholarship requirement qualifications and who contribute something in return. Generally, awards are limited to a maximum of $150 or half the registration fee for the event, whichever is less. You may not apply scholarship fees to room and board coasts.

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must be a Timber Framers Guild member.

To apply, download, complete, and send to us the scholarship application. The Guild’s scholarship committee reviews each application and strives to distribute all the funds available for that calendar year based on merit and completeness of applications. Please follow our guidelines closely: we may return or choose not to consider applications that do not follow these guidelines. Please submit your application at least one month before the event for which you are requesting financial assistance. Full instructions are with the application form.