Visionary Partnership Program Benefits

Visionary Partners (VP): are those companies that make an additional contribution to support the mission and activities of the TFG. Funds received from VP members are used to expand our educational programming, member communications, and additional services to all members. In exchange, Visionary Partners receive recognition as industry leaders, additional exposure in the marketplace, and bundled TFG products and services at a substantial discount over à la carte pricing.

Prerequisite for VP membership is membership in TFG Companies. You can then become either a timber framer–VP or a supplier–VP, for benefits tailored to your needs. Monthly billing or 2% discount for pre-payment in full are by special arrangement. There are three levels of participation for you to consider.

Download the Timber Framer - Visionary Partner Cost and Benefits

Download the Supplier - Visionary Partner Cost and Benefits

Please call or email TFG Executive Director Jeff Arvin at (360) 746-6571 for more details and questions.


Search Engine Optimization Webinar Benefit

Sample one our our benefits!  This is a recording of the first in a series of Search Engine Optimization Webinars designed to specifically support Visionary Partners to increase their web traffic. It leverages the investment TFG has put into website development and analytics of member companies.  You can access the recording HERE.  A PDF of the powerpoint can be downloaded HERE.

Here is feedback about the webinar:

I wanted to thank you again for the first SEO webinar the Timber Framer’s Guild offered to its members. Before the webinar I had been blindly googling information on how to increase traffic to our website. The amount of data the internet threw at me, loaded with sometimes conflicting suggestions, made the task a bit overwhelming. Al’s webinar was concise and offered a concrete, actionable plan for increasing visibility.

Since the webinar I have been adding content, meta descriptions, keywords and SEO titles to our website, slowly but surely. I also decided to track our positioning based on several different Google searches. I was extremely pleased to see upward movement in our placement in 10 days after just adding a small portion of what will ultimately be added to our website.

Carol Greenberger
MoreSun Custom Woodworking, Inc.