2017 TFG Conference: The TFG Slideshow

Participate in the TFG Slideshow!

As the Madison conference draws near, it’s time for folks to start thinking about one of the Guild’s favorite traditions, the slideshow! Through your images we are inspired, instructed, and sometimes amused. We meet new people and are reacquainted with friends. Above all, we think about the work that we do as a community of timber framers. Please consider sharing your work.

General guidelines

  • Presenters may show up to 10 images of recent timber framing work.
  • No commercial logos are permitted.
  • Images must consist of work in which you have actively or directly participated. The only exception to this rule is for images of historic joinery (100 years or older) for purposes of documentation and subsequent submission to the TTRAG archive.
  • You must be present to talk about your images.


  • Images may be of one project or several, but all must involve timber framing.
  • Label disks and drives clearly with your name, phone number, or e-mail.
  • Do not include other files on disks or drives you submit.
  • Number images using two-digit file names to preserve your intended image order: do ’01.jpg’ not ‘1.jpg’
  • No more than 10 images will be accepted.
  • Additional images will be omitted from the show.


  • Please submit photos to Michael Cuba at cuba@tfguild.org.
  • We prefer that members submit digital images prior to the conference, but will accept them at the conference on a thumb drive or CD or DVD.
  • If you submit images at the conference, bring them to the registration desk as early as possible, and no later than noon on Sunday, May 21.


  • You will narrate your images.
  • Images display in the order that they are received.
  • Time limits for presentations will be enforced this year. The time allotted for each presentation will be determined by the total time allotted for the slide show divided by the number of submissions.
  • Watch for your name in the group list on the screen and be sure to be in the front of the room before it is your turn to present.

Commercial, Residential, Restoration, and CLT

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