2019 TFEC Symposium

The Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC) is preparing to host its annual symposium, scheduled immediately prior to the national conference in Manchester, NH on Thursday, August 1.  Our symposia are known for offering in-depth reviews and open discussions on the state-of-the-art in the engineering of traditional timber framing.  We are developing an agenda for the day and are also accepting submissions for presenters and presentation topics - please contact me, Mark Gillis (mark@gillistimberframes.com), with any presentation outlines, open discussions, live demonstrations or other ideas that you may have.


We have lots possible topics to cover (e.g. in-situ grading of timber, NDE, engineering antique timber frames, challenging structures, design software, etc.), and we’ll be completing our agenda in the next few weeks.  We’re also considering some social events to round out the day.  Please stay tuned to Scantlings for more information and updates on what we are planning.


Douglas fir and much more!

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