2023 Conference Session: hsbcad & SketchUp

hsbcad & SketchUp: What's the Difference?
Craig Colomb

This presentation will describe and demonstrate the features and functionality of hsbcad to help the audience decide when the cost of the software makes sense for their business. Sketchup is free and 3D, why would anyone pay for hsbcad? I will show the modeling tools that are timber-specific, including both traditional joinery and custom hardware assemblies. Also covered are automated shop drawings, detailed BOM export, and CNC workflow.

About the Speaker: Craig Colomb
Craig Colomb graduated from WVU with a dual major in physics and math. Following graduation, he did a stint as a raft guide and kayak instructor. Failing to find financial success on the river, he founded Precision Structures, LLC, in 1992. A residential contracting company specializing in fined woodworking, built-ins, and traditional timber framing, Precision Structures built houses, custom furniture, and several timber frames, including an open white oak frame for a 2500 sq ft retail space.

In 2001, he moved to Washington State to work as a designer for TimberCraft Homes under Charles Landau. In 2002, Craig became the in-house CAD Manager and kept this position until 2006, when he shifted his focus to full-time work as an hsb programmer and technician. He later attended Seattle University and graduated with a master’s in software engineering in 2016, and in 2020 he and Randy LaPlante launched the official offices for hsbcad in Canada in the United States, for which he serves as Chief Operating Officer.

Although his title is managerial, the bulk of Chris's work is in software development, covering all aspects of hsbcad’ s feature set, but specializing in tools for heavy timber design.

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