2023 Conference Session: Options in the SIP Industry

Options in the SIP Industry for Better Performance, Durability, and Affordability
Al Cobb

The presentation will outline the details, habits, and techniques that have proven to be a successful approach when using SIPs in the timber frame community. In addition, attendees will be persuaded to understand how SIP packages can be their best option or a regrettable decision.

The presenter will pull back the curtain on many changes that are shaping up in the industry of laminated panels. The immense variation in SIP options and manufacturer’s sales techniques will be discussed, dissected, and exposed. The presenter welcomes the hard questions and the discussions that bring about understanding and education mixed with a firehose approach of facts, data, and opinions that have been forged at the alter of the SIP industry for well over three decades. Don’t worry, there’s an elevator.

About the Speaker: Al Cobb
Al Cobb is an authority on Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). His 30+ year career in SIPs includes every facet of manufacturing, design, and installation with over a thousand projects to his credit.

As a speaker and trainer Al consults with companies exploring SIPs and related panelized construction. Al’s work on the international front involves the coordination, design, and engineering of both SIP manufacturing and panelized in-field construction.

As the founder and director of SIPschool, Al has developed training and certification programs that are considered the industry benchmark for qualifying SIP builders.

In addition, as a licensed builder through his company PanelWrights, Al has completed every possible type of structure that uses SIPs. From the largest commercial SIP project ever built to off-grid ADUs, Al brings a systems approach to designing and detailing high-performance structures.

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