2023 Conference Session: Tall Mass Timber & Residential Framers

Tall Mass Timber & Residential Framers
Ethan Martin

This presentation showcases several constructed new tall wood buildings in accordance with the International Code Council (ICC)-approved set of proposals allowing tall wood buildings as part of the 2021/2024 International Building Code (IBC). The 2021 IBC includes three new construction types; Type IV-A, IV-B and IV-C up to 18-stories of mass timber construction. This presentation takes a detailed look at the new code provisions and methods of addressing the new requirements including additional fire-resistance ratings and levels of required noncombustible protection on actual permitted and constructed buildings. Topics include tall-wood-specific high-rise and sprinkler requirements, methods of demonstrating fire-resistance ratings, fire design for penetrations, timber connection design, and allowances for exposed timber.

About the Speaker: Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin brings a wealth of engineering design experience to the industry, particularly in the area of advocacy and his personal contribution to the application of mass timber. Working with mass timber manufacturers worldwide, Ethan has developed solutions that assist general contractors with mass timber constructability and has collaborated with architects to help execute exciting designs utilizing mass timber. Ethan authored several case studies and collaborated with state officials in Oregon to set up the permitting process for tall mass timber buildings. This process developed the prototype buildings for Type IV-A, IV-B, and IV-C construction types, which allow for mass timber up to 18 stories. Driven to inform his team and professionals in the AEC industries, Ethan quickly becomes an asset to any multi-discipline project team looking for answers on proformas, construction types, constructability, supply chain, and product usage. He also co-founded the International Mass Timber Conference with Forest Business Network in Portland, now one of the leading mass timber conferences in the world, and is the Director of Sustainability & Mass Timber at DCI Engineers.

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