2023 Conference Session: Better Buildings - Acoustics, Envelope, and Structural

Better Buildings: Acoustics, Envelope, and Structural
Hannes Blaas

Rothoblaas’ new Timber Screw Smartbook compiles new industry and internal test results to bring state-of-the-art findings and guidance to designers and installers in a practical field handbook. This presentation aims to dig deeper into the content of this resource by providing additional background information, test data, and commentary.

About the Speaker: Hannes Blaas
Hannes is CEO of Rothoblaas USA and followed the development of modern timber construction in different countries around the world very closely. While working in Switzerland, the UK, Canada, USA, and recently China, he tries to support the industry’s continuous development and expansion. Rothoblaas is one of the leading suppliers for special building materials and integrated solutions for the mass timber construction industry, developing tomorrow’s fasteners, acoustic products, waterproofing and vapor control, tools, and fall protection systems.

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