2023 TFEC Symposium Sessions

TFEC Symposium 2023
Thursday, November 9

Navigating the Building Code with Traditional Timber Frame Structures - David Connolly, PE, ERS Consulting Engineers

Engineering for Heavy Snow Loads - Paul Laudenschlager, PE, Alpen Engineering

This presentation will explore heavy snow situations to understand the immense depth of snow loads involved. It will look at various types of snow damage failures and review their causes. Finally, it will introduce and discuss engineering design considerations and design procedures for structures in heavy snow areas.

About the Speaker: Paul Laudenschlager

Housed Connection Research - Thomas Tannert, PhD, PEng, University of Northern British Columbia

Research on the load-carrying capacity of solid timber beams with housings will be presented. The impact of geometry parameters, material strength properties, wood moisture content/history, and reinforcement with self-tapping screws will be discussed. The adaption of existing design provisions for notched beams to housings will be evaluated.

About the Speaker: Thomas Tannert

Using Eurocode to Design Pre-Fabricated Metal Connectors - Scott Ratterman, PE, Eclipse Engineering

This presentation will be a brief overview of the Eurocode and will include design examples for using manufacturer connections that are approved by the Eurocode but have not yet been tested for ICC approval.

About the Speaker: Scott Ratterman

Angle-to-Grain Withdrawal Capacity of Screws with Live Testing - Dick Schmidt, PhD, PE, & Joe Miller, PhD, PE, Fire Tower Engineered Timber

A review of the various equations and adjustment factors that can be used to determine withdrawal capacity of screws when installed at an angle to grain other than 90-degrees. The presentation will include a small selection of test data from screw distributors as well as live testing of self-tapping screws.

About the Speakers:
Dick Schmidt
Joe Miller

Litigation (Is Anybody Worried About a Claim or Getting Sued?) - Ron Anthony, Anthony & Associates

What happens when a disgruntled party files an insurance claim or a lawsuit against you or your company? This presentation will give an overview of the legal process from the perspective of an expert witness. Examples will show the subtleties that can make a difference in whether you are successful in defending a claim. Attendees should walk away with a better sense of how to reduce (or avoid) claims and the steps involved should you unfortunately be named in one.

About the Speaker: Ron Anthony

The Capabilities of and Designing for CNC Machinery - Henning Mund, Rocky Mountain Joinery Center

This presentation will explore the CNC fabrication process, modern advances in CNC capability, and information on how best to design for projects that will be fabricated with CNC machinery.


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