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The Apprentice Training Program (ATP), through its registration at the U.S. Department of Labor, is a nationally certified training program for timber framing. Curriculum outlines were developed over ten years by founding Guild member Will Beemer with extensive help from other members. The program was formally registered at the DoL in 2009 and continues to develop testing, graduate apprentices, and certify journeyworkers. The Apprenticeship Training Committee (ATC) oversees administration of the program and is made up entirely of volunteers. TFG staff handle the accounting for the program whose funds are restricted within the larger Guild organization.

Currently, application to the program is limited to Direct Entry. This means that in order to participate in the program as an apprentice, you must be working under a journeyworker. If you are not currently employed under a journeyworker, we encourage you to fill out the ATP skills assessment guide and email it to us along with a resume and cover letter. We maintain an active list of interested people and have had good success in placing motivated apprentice-candidates into the timber framing industry. 

The journeyworkers who mentor you must be qualified. Journeyworker qualification is satisfied when a journeyworker applicant indicates competency in 70% of the skills outlined in the ATP skills assessment. Those wishing to apply directly for journeyworker status must also submit a resume and cover letter, as well as three letters of recommendation. 

The objective of the apprentice program is to reinforce the professional practice, evolving skill set, and continuing education necessary to deliver high quality timber frames, enclosure systems, and structures to the marketplace. For the program to succeed, the journeyworker must also be able to contribute to the education and leadership of others.

If you wish to review the complete curriuculum, please read the Complete Curriculum Outlines.

For a  more thorough outline of the program requirements, read through the Apprenticeship Manual.

Getting involved with any Guild programming is always a good way to network into the industry, and you can follow the latest news and events of the ATP on our blog.

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Event Report

2016 assessment at Cascade Joinery

25 January 2016

Cascade Joinery of Ferndale, Washington, has stepped up to host the ATP’s annual Assessment and Training event February 26–28, 2016. The broad topic for this event is site work–specific: SAFE planning, assembling, and installing. This means we could deliver presentations including, but not limited to: lift planning, forklift specification and operation, setting out (locating your product on work prepared by others), raising, rigging, and connections (mechanical and adhesive joinery). These events have often featured third party presenters in addition to sessions created and delivered by ATP members. Two major workshops will be on raisings and installation of adhesive anchors.

2016 Apprentice Training (PDF)

This professional development event is the annual gathering of supervising journeyworkers and apprentices of the Apprentice Training Program. Registered journeyworkers (who support the program through annual fees) may attend for the cost of meals. The hosting company employees (who are not registered in the ATP) are also invited to attend for the cost of meals. The ATP also welcomes a limited number of “outsiders” to participate in this training for a fee (includes the event and meals). In addition to educational programming, the event also allows us to welcome new apprentices in person and to graduate apprentices to journeyworkers. Because the event is so short, the Training Committee prepares assessment exercises that are delivered to participants electronically from November to January. These exercises are discussed in a dedicated time slot during the event. For more information please reach Curtis Milton at 603/387-6770 or

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