Companies We Keep

Companies We Keep

Companies We Keep Book Cover

Companies We Keep: Employee Ownership and the Business of Community and Place
by John Abrams
2008, 2008. Paperback, 333 pages.

From the Cover

There is a revolution going on in corporate America, and social entrepreneurship is leading the way. Rejecting the myth that short-term profits are the only indicator of business health and wealth, John Abrams shows how building a company to serve the needs of people (employees and owners), community, and the environment can lead to lasting business success.

Part visionary business plan, part guide to democratizing the workplace, and part prescription for strong local economies, Companies We Keep marks the debut of an important new voice in American business.

With a craftsman’s eye, a storyteller’s sensibility, and a CEO’s pragmatism, he brings his experience to bear on the challenges faced by progressive small businesses everywhere. Like Paul Hawken, Ray C. Anderson, and other socially responsible business leaders, Abrams explores the role of business in preserving and restoring local culture, social equity, and ecological balance.

About the Author

John Abrams is a Timber Framers Guild member and a cofounder of South Mountain Company, a thirty-year-old employee-owned design and building company on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He chairs the Island Affordable Housing Fund and is vice-chair of Island Housing Trust. These private non-profits are dedicated to solving his community’s affordable housing crisis.

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