In addition to our passion for the craft of timber framing, members of the Guild love to share stories, ideas, and techniques. We teach and learn together, constantly honing our skills and knowledge, and finding new ways to improve the art and science of timber framing. 

While we all love to get together for workshops and events, we are scattered across the globe, so a key component of how we keep growing and developing the craft is through our community publications. The Guild communicates with its members, educating and informing, through the following: 

  • TIMBER FRAMING, our quarterly technical journal of timber framing history, technology, theory, practice, design, and engineering.
  • Scantlings, our member magazine covering events, news, business, and people.
  • Guild Notes, an eNewsletter sharing events and news.

We also offer a number of other ways to connect with the Guild, its members, and our extensive knowledge about all things timber framing!

Guild Bookstore      TFG on Facebook      Guild Notices

Members may post to our Notices page in topics including Help Wanted, Tools Wanted, Work Wanted, and For Sale.  Non-members may pay to post notices.

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