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Amazon Timberframes, established in 2003, produces precision hand crafted timberframes at its company owned facility in Santarem Brazil. In compliance with all governmental requirements, both in Brazil and in the US, Amazon Timberframes strives to have as little impact on the forests that provide the resources for our exquisite structures. When possible ATF and its Brazilian counterpart, Zero Impact Brazil, harvests logs following its exclusive 3D Guidelines. DYING DEAD & DOWN

Utilizing the strongest, most stable and durable woods in the world, Amazon Timberframes structures are suitable in hurricane, earthquake and heavy snow load regios of the world. This suitability extends to areas of the tropics such as the Caribbean region where one of our structures recently survived catagory 5 hurricane Irma, one of the strongests hurricanes ever recorded.   

From our facility in Santarem Brazil, located on the Amazon River, we can ship the worlds finest hand crafted timberframes anywhere on the planet.

  In addition to timberframes we produce the following:

* Custom precision milled timber packages

* Choice of many stong, durable and beautiful species in a multitude of colors and grain. 

* Large slabs to 60" x 25' in a multitude of exotic species

*  Unique flooring, siding and paneling in 3D reclaimed hardwoods 

* Doors and custom millwork

* Lumber and trim packages

* Lumber and trim packages

* Durable decking in several species 

* Custom sawn to specification logs of many exotic species


* We can visit a site anywhere in the world and perform custom design based on the chosen building site. 

* We coordinate the delivery of the timberframe to the jobsite anywhere worldwide 

* We provide the skilled crew to assemble and raise the frame on the jobsite anywhere worldwide


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