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Cargill Solutions LLC was founded in 2020 with the vision of carrying on a family tradition of building fine homes by salvaging materials from pioneer era barns and log cabins. Bailey Construction, located in Southern IN, was founded nearly 30 years ago and has restored, relocated and repurposed dozens of cabins and barns throughout the North Eastern United States. Having gained experience by working closely with Mike Baily over the years, Jonathan Cargill became skilled in trades such as structural masonry, timber joinery, and chinking log cabins among many other skills. While building his own timber frame home in Big Rapids MI, Jonthan Cargill founded Cargill Solutions LLC and began working full time for his company. Initially most of the work was conventional constructon but as local reputation grew, more and more restoration and repurposing jobs presented themselves. By 2022 most of the work on the books is restoration and repurposing of pioneer era materials. While salvaging materials to repurpose in new construction and restoration of old barns and cabins will remain a vital part of Cargill Solutions, it is our goal to also incorprate new materials in our various jobs. To accomplish this we source timbers and other needed lumber from local sawyers. The greater Big Rapids area is home to a number of Amish saw mills which we use to produce custom materials for our jobs. 


Timber frame construction using repurposed or new timbers

Timber frame barn restoration 

Traditional log cabin construction

Traditional Log Cabin restoration

Structural masonry 

Structural masonry restoration 


5333 E 6 Mile Rd
White Cloud, MI 49349
United States




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