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Rothoblaas helps timber construction professionals and high-performance builders achieve their goals with a comprehensive range of innovative building products. Rothoblaas wants to improve the quality of buildings and make this standard accessible to anyone. It believes that wood is the material that can best address the many technical and practical challenges in the construction industry, as well as deliver on a promise for an aesthetic and a sustainable living environment.

With its range of fasteners, connectors, tools, membranes, gaskets, tapes, acoustic materials, and PPE, Rothoblaas perfectly matches with companies active in timber framing, mass timber, prefab or panelized, net-zero, and passive house construction - in short: anyone trying to build better buildings.

Rothoblaas has 30 years of industry experience that services North America with a network of local technical product representatives and distribution partners in the US and Canada. 

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North America - West Coast
109-7950 Huston Rd
Delta BC V4G 1C2
+1 (604) 788-9788

North America - East Coast
30 Wall Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10005
+1 917 656 9077


Rothoblaas offers a complete range of products sold through an extensive network of highly motivated, knowledgeable sales force, backed up by modern technical consultancy providing constructive details, data sheets, along with modern calculation software, training courses, seminars and BIM. Rothoblaas’ offer includes personalised support to find solutions which are perfectly suited to the customer’s requirements. Furthermore, an in-house quality control department and a large and modern main warehouse facility, complemented by strategically located satellite warehouses, guarantee 100% satisfaction.


109-7950 Huston Road
Delta, BC V4G 1C2


+1 604-788-9788

+1 917-656-9077

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