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In the 1990’s, Sauter Timber began by importing U.S. log and timber frame home kits into Europe. A short time later, we realized that having every piece of timber notched, cut, drilled and numbered with a milling machine saved time and money during the construction process. These types of services were typical throughout Europe but nearly nonexistent in North America. After researching the market and determining the demand, we established Sauter Timber, LLC in 2002 in Rockwood, Tennessee. Thus, we became the first wood component joinery service in North America. Little did we realize that our actions at the time would fuel a “precut revolution”.

Today, more and more companies continue to find the cost and labor efficiencies from outsourcing their precision cutting and joinery projects to specialists like Sauter Timber. These businesses simply cannot justify having an in-house CNC machine and the specialists to run it. Sauter Timber acts as your full-service fabricator for all of your timber frame and heavy timber components. Utilizing Hundegger technology, and combined with our highly skilled designers and master carpenters, even the smallest details are seen through to perfection.



CNC Timber Frame & Joinery Services

Our real service to our customers is Time. We perform all of your time-intensive timber frame cuts and complex joinery utilizing our CNC machinery, therefore eliminating days of on-site construction and the hassle of miscuts and wasted materials. Our skilled craftsmen and draftsmen give attention to every detail, working out exactly the best joinery to make your project strong, secure and beautiful. 

Some of our clients send us the timbers and materials, and we take it from there, producing the cuts and joinery for their projects. Others however, use our specialized timber purchasing service and have us order the timbers and deliver the precision precut packages directly to their job sites. The choice is ultimately yours. 


505 Cardiff Valley Rd.
Rockwood, TN 37854
United States



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