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Tacoma Engineers has provided engineering design services for over 100 different projects involving heavy timber construction. The end use of these buildings varies from residential to commercial to institutional. Engineering design services have been provided to Owners and Architects, and in several cases Tacoma Engineers’ services have included the preparation of certified structural timber shop drawings and details.


In recent years, several municipalities and cities have taken the step to incorporate aging agricultural buildings into their built infrastructure, using these heavy timber barns for assembly or exhibition purposes. This style of adaptive re-use presents many unique challenges to all members of the design team, with respect to both the structural and building code implications. Tacoma Engineers has been involved with a number of these projects, and has successfully worked together with architects, owners, and heavy timber carpenters to provide historically sensitive and constructible solutions that meet the demands of current design codes and standards.


Our heavy timber expertise has proven especially useful during investigations and surveys of structures of historical significance. Many of the more substantial structures in the area have had major portions of the building constructed with locally sourced heavy timber. Having certified lumber graders on staff, along with our wealth of experience with timber allows for a realistic assessment of the strength and condition of existing members, leading to more sensitive restoration solutions.




Every service we provide and project we complete must be aligned with our vision of building a professional firm with structural engineering as its backbone. We have engineers on our staff with the technical expertise, experience and ingenuity to design structural systems of all sizes and types. We apply our common sense problem-solving approach to buildings, industrial structures and equipment, agricultural construction and public infrastructure.


Tacoma Engineers has earned a unique reputation as prime consultant of choice for select building and renovation projects with our commitment to dependability, competency and practicality. The extensive training and experience with building codes and technology among our staff, and our ability to produce functional construction documentation in a timely fashion are valuable to our design-build clients.


Assessment and analysis of structural problems requires experience and good judgment in addition to the necessary technical knowledge and training. Our professionals provide forthright solutions for assessments, failure investigations, demolitions and restoration projects. We collaborate with owners, architects and consultants, bringing valuable expertise and experience to the restoration and preservation of existing structures, including some of our most treasured heritage sites.


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