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Timberplates is a steel fabricator dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of high-end steel timber connectors. Our products range from flat gusset plates to complicated welded connectors and heavy-duty tie-rod assemblies. We can provide timber connectors unfinished, powder-coated in an array of colors, galvanized, primed, or with our custom rust patina and we ship coast to coast within the US and Canada.

For 10 years Timberplates has helped thousands of homeowners, builders, engineers, and architects turn their visions into solid steel reality. Whether it is a project consisting only of a handful of decorative unfinished steel plates, or a project that needs 7 tons of 1" thick welded column bases and 2" diameter tie rods, our professionalism, dedication to our craft, and rapid turn-around helps ensure project success.


timber connector design, CNC plasma cutting, welding, powder coating, galvanizing, custom finishing


1600 Hwy 84
Santa Anna, TX 76878
United States




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