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Incorporated in 1976, Vermont Frames and Foam Laminates of Vermont began at the forefront of the Timber Frame Revival. Originally in a small shop in Hinesburg, VT we moved to our present location in beautiful Starksboro, VT in 1984. Having the indoor shop as well as outdoor sheds allows us to work year-round. Being surrounded by rolling hills, fields and mountains allows us to be creative and inspired daily at our shop. Please visit us so we can meet you and help you get started on your project.


Timber frames have a long and storied history of use that developed independently in multiple parts of the world. In fact, the traditional mortise and tenon style timber joinery has been identified at Archeological sites in Germany and carbon dated back to over 7,000 years old! Similar ancient technology flourished in China and Japan and that tradition remains strong though the modern day. Popularized by the Romans, timber frames became a mainstay of Medieval Europe, and eventually the methods were brought over to North America where a rich timber framing tradition put down roots here in New England.

The timber frame erection process is one of the most awe-inspiring construction methods commonly used today. Our timber framing crews transform the pre-cut timber frame members into artful structures built to last generations. Simply put, the frame itself is a magnificent site.

From milled timbers, our skilled craftsmen hand-cut extremely precise members for your timber frame structure. Each piece is cut using computer-generated shop drawings to ensure accuracy. We proudly utilize the true post and beam, mortise and tenon and hardwood peg, hand-cut joinery method in order to preserve the tradition and offer the most authentic timber frames possible, all while exceeding modern standards.


22 Varney Hill Rd
Starksboro, VT 05487
United States



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