Complex Roof Workshop

In an effort to expand upon our offerings for the professional development of working carpenters, the TFG has recruited a team to offer an entire track at the 2018 Eastern Conference. This track will be focused on complex roof layout. The three instructors, Bruno Sutter, Curtis Milton and Sim Ayers represent diversity in training and experience and as a result, they approach the work with the differing skills they learned along the way. You can get a sample of their teaching styles by reviewing materials they’ve each prepared. Please be aware that this does not represent each instructors full body of work. 

Past conference offerings on this topic have primarily taken place in the pre-conference setting but we are rolling out a multi-day session that will continue during the conference. Based on three progressively more difficult roof lessons the learning objectives include drawing exercises that use a plan view drawing, known roof pitches, and given dimensions to develop the lengths, cutting planes and angles of each roof and the individual pieces of that roof. We will also be doing the math for the exercises to tie the two processes together.

The TFG intention is to offer a certificate of completion for each lesson. To achieve these certificates, the learner will complete the drawings for that lesson then take a written exam for a larger roof that is based on the same geometry.

In a determined effort to make these certificates available to all (not just conference attendees) these exercises and tests are offered to any willing candidate. Remote completion of these exams will be based on the honor system and the successful completion will involve photographic evidence of the drawing exercise, photos of the various parts as laid out, photos of the finished model assembled and the written test answers.

For each level the exercise consists of three elements:

  • A full size (42 x 36) drawing that can be plotted as the basis for the drafting exercise. A smaller scale drawing that shows the development of the drafting exercise.
  • An exam package that includes the task model plans and the written exam

These items can be downloaded, saved and or printed as needed.

The Level 1 exercise is available HERE. Potential attendees can review this material and assess her/his need to attend the Thursday pre-conference session that covers Level 1. (The fee for the Thursday session is $175)

Level 2 and Level 3 sessions are included as part of the regular conference fee. Classroom scheduling on Friday through Sunday allows learners to attend featured speaker presentations and the TFG Members Meeting. Normal breaks, meals and social hours are shared with the rest of the conference attendees. For this offering to succeed we need people to sign up ahead of time and if signed up to stay with the classroom sessions. The pace of study will be aggressive, deliberate, and worth the effort.

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