ATP Presents: Making Connections - Safe practices from Workshop to Worksite

Once a year, the Apprenticeship Training Committee identifies a skill-set that needs to be developed as part of the overall apprenticeship curriculum. This skill must be of value to the registered apprentices as well as the professional timber framing community.  This year, the assessment and training event is focused on the activity of safely getting the frame to site, raising it and connecting to the work of others. The title the committee has chosen for this gathering is Making Connections.

To see an outline of two workshops: 2016 Apprentice Training.pdf

Those who are not currently registered as Apprentices or Journeyworkers must complete a short interview to participate and register.  Please call Curtis Milton at 603/387‐6770 or email atc@tfguild.org to schedule a phone interview.

Supervising Journeyworkers and her/his apprentice attend as part of the annual fees they pay. 

Registered Journeyworkers current with fees to the program attend for the cost  of meals: $180 per person All others pay $480 for the event including meals .                         

There is limited hospitality (sleeping floor space) available at the shop in Ferndale, Washington. Local motels are about $60 per night, and the Bellingham Airport (BLI) is nearby with shuttle services available from Seattle (SEA) to Bellingham.