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Basics of Building

This course presents the basic techniques and principles of house building, timber framing, woodworking, and carpentry. Morning sessions will cover hand and portable power tool use, tool sharpening, joinery, conventional "stick" framing, and shop tools including table saw joinery such as dadoes, rabbets, and mortise and tenons for cabinets and finish carpentry work. Afternoons will be spent working on projects including a timber frame, building a toolbox, and applying the skills and techniques learned in the morning sessions.

The course includes:

  • the concepts of plumb, level, and square, how they rule the framing process and how to track and measure them to keep your projects in "good shape";
  • measuring angles and using basic construction geometry with the framing square for building roofs and stairs;
  • becoming competent with both hand and power tools to be able to measure and cut to within 1/32nd of an inch;
  • extensive practice with power tools such as the table saw, portable circular saw, compound miter saw, as well as hand saws;
  • all tools for measuring, marking, cutting, shaping, attaching materials and deconstruction that you would typically find on a housebuilding project;
  • the all-important techniques of sharpening edge tools and hand saws;
  • woodworking techniques and tools for finish carpentry, cabinetmaking, and furniture, including making dadoes, rabbets, mortises and tenons, and other joinery;
  • "tricks" of the trade to make your work easier and safer.

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