Grindbygg - Norwegian 'Trestle Frame' Timber Framing

Join a 3,000-year-old tradition and take up your tools to try Grindbygg-style timber-framing. The oldest construction method known in Norway, and archeological evidence suggests the style was in common use in the Viking era (790-1066 AD). Up until the early 20th century, Grindbygg frames were common in western Norway as unheated outbuildings: barns, boathouses and storehouses. Recently there has been renewed interest in preserving this building technique and there are numerous builders in western Norway constructing Grindbygg frames, mostly for outbuildings and carports.

This session will construct a 14’x16’ Grindygg frame that will be for sale for a fixed price at the end of the course. If multiple students are interested, a drawing will be held to determine who will purchase the frame.

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