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Heartwood Timber Framing Intensive

This new course combines the core of our previous timber framing, homebuilding and apprenticeship curriculums into one package for those seeking a career in the building trades or a deeper understanding of the skills needed to build their own timber frame. This will be provided through morning classroom exercises, shop demonstrations and practice and afternoon hands-on projects culminating with the erection of a 16' x 20' timber frame. It's ideal for those who seek more opportunities for development than provided in our one-week courses.

After 40 years presenting a wide variety of homebuilding and timber framing related courses, this intensive program includes the most essential elements for the modern carpenter to possess. We have eliminated much of the theoretical classroom information that is now readily obtainable from other sources (online, video, etc.) and focused instead on the hands-on exercises and experience that are best obtained under the personal guidance of an expert instructor.

Morning sessions will include introductions to and practice with tools and techniques through classroom and shop presentations and exercises. Afternoons will be spent applying these skills to a timber frame project that will be completed over the four-week period; other demonstration projects will be included as appropriate to support the morning sessions. 

While no experience is required to take the four-week Timber Framing Intensive program, it is recommended that those taking any of weeks 2—4 without taking the first week have some previous carpentry, building or timber framing experience. Our hands-on one-week Timber Framing (in July and August) and Cruck (in April—May) courses each build a complete timber frame and require no previous experience but don't present the supporting material from our Intensive courses. 

Visit for more information about this course. You can also contact or 413-423-6677.

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