Rendezvous Workshop at the Great Tithe Barn of Aclou, Normandy 28 August - 3 September, 2016.

Francois Calame and the Charpentiers sans Frontières invite members of The Carpenter's Fellowship to an international workshop. They will be working on the restoration of the west gable of the 15th century barn together with our Belgian, French, and German colleagues.

They will be repairing the damaged sections of the gable with oak prepared using the same hand tool methods used in the original construction and using trees felled on the property this winter.

Immediately opposite the barn is an intriguing curiosity - a medieval hall-house, with base-cruck trusses and a crown-post roof. Built during the Hundred Years War and dendro-dated to 1360, it is unique in France. It closely resembles hall-houses found in SE England, strongly suggesting it was built by English carpenters.

During the rendezvous  they will be exploring the history of the manor house, and other interesting historic sites in the region, which is rich in medieval heritage. Full board and lodging will be provided to all participants for the duration of the week.

Please register your interest by emailing