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Scribed Timber Framing

Scribing is an art as much as a craft, requiring a good eye and a steady hand. This traditional method is useful for incorporating out of square, curved or oddly shaped pieces into a timber frame as well as for complex roofs.

We will practice various methods developed by a number of cultures and adapted and modified in modern times. This requires only a plumb bob, sharp pencil, a good eye, maybe some dividers, and steady hands. Projects for the course will include scribing natural tree-shapes into a timber frame, a rustic base for an earthen bake oven, a kiosk for our local town park and scribing posts to irregular stone bases. The assortment of small frames will provide opportunities for everyone to try the various scribe methods by joining flat-to-flat (but out of square) faces, round to flat (out of square) faces, and round to round. Learn more here.

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