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TFG Compound Roof Joinery Workshop

From Sept 30 - Oct 4 gutsy, but humble, timber framers are invited to sign up for a Compound Roof Joinery Workshop.  Hosted at Churchill Timberworks in Courtenay, BC (Vancouver Island) this fast-paced training is intended for hardcore practicing timber framers / carpenters interested in the challenges of hips and valleys and other oddities. Participants will be cutting an octagonal Fire Pit Shelter for the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre.   Space is limited to 12 people and you must have a real solid grounding in timber framing fundamentals (or you will flounder when the information flood gates open).  To offer this “advanced level training” a certain amount of vetting attendees is required in order to cover all the material and do the fabrication work.  We will progress very quickly through developed drawings and 'thinking in angles' using a few examples that we’ll cut and assemble - leading to fabrication of the compound pieces for the Fire Pit Shelter to be taken to Hornby.  Each attendee is expected to provide a personal tool kit for layout and cutting.  This is the 300+ level training you know will rattle your brain — or you really want to avoid. There is a registration fee attached to this valuable training.

In early October TFG Members are invited to converge on Hornby for a educational holiday weekend (Oct 5-8) of  timber frame cutting and raising.  Similar to our previous Rendezvous events, folks are welcome to join colleagues and the public to raise an octagonal Fire Pit Shelter for the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre.

REGISTER FOR THE COMPOUND ROOF WORKSHOP HERE                                                                                     

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