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TFG Conference 2022

Pre-Conference: TFEC Symposium $225


  • Introduction - Chris Carbone, TFEC Chair
  • Truss Repair & Re-Use - Jarret Lynch & Michael Cuba
  • Rigging & Raising - Grigg Mullen, Jr.
  • Break
  • Scissor Trusses - Tom Nehil
  • Kicking Horse Bridge Rehabilitation - Robin Zirnhelt
  • TBA
  • Lunch
  • Research Update - Johnn Judd
  • Research Update - Mathew McGinnes
  • Structural Timber Screws - MTC staff
  • "My Favorite Spreadsheet" - various
  • Closing Remarks - Chris Carbone
  • TFEC Members Meeting
  • TFEC Social & Slideshow

Pre-Conference: Stereotomy with Patrick Moore $175

One of the greatest ways to learn stereotomy is by practicing net models. The net of an object is the flattened-out surface that can then be folded back into its 3D shape.  Students learn the basics of stereotomy by creating the net of a cube, pyramid, irregular pyramid, single and double curved surfaces, and then onto roof designs. A lot of the net projects include irregular pitched roofs with hips and valleys, and others include curved surfaces. The advantage of practicing this technique is that it enables the brain to better visualize the overall size and shape of a design clearly in the mind first. They are exercises for the mind: an idea is first seen in the mind's eye. 

Students will use paper as a medium for creating the net surfaces. This workshop would be great for architects, designers, carpenters, general contractors, furniture makers, and those interested in creating and designing structures.

Key Points:

  • Learn proper drafting techniques
  • Learn drafting tool usage
  • Create the net surfaces of folded out 3D shapes based on given dimensions and restrictions
  • Creating and designing structures both simple and seemingly complex

Pre-Conference: Building Science with Aaron Smith & Curtis Milton $100

Aaron Smith, Executive Director of the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance, will present a seminar on Building Science with long-time Guild member Curtis Milton. The half-day session will focus on high-performance and net zero building. Lunch will be included, and continuing education credits will be available.

'What are the basics of high-performance homes and what can builders do to incorporate those basics in the homes they build? What are the technologies and how are they integrated into the house as a system? Curtis and Aaron will share the Top 10 things that are part of the high-performance timber frame homes of tomorrow as well as why and how you include them in your homes."

EEBA is offering Free EEBA Individual Membershipsvalued at up to $150 annually, to all Timber Framers Guild members. 

EEBA Member Benefits Include:

Your team can submit their applications here to access these benefits and use CODEEEBAPARTNER upon checkout.

Thank you again for the Guild's long-standing support and the unique value you bring to the high-performance homebuilding community.

Pre-Conference: 1-Day MBA with Al Wallace $150

As a timber framer, you are focused rightly on the craft of delivering outstanding value to your customers. In that light, the focus of most TFG training at these conferences is on the technical training related to the art and science of timber framing. This workshop takes a different approach with the understanding that if you cannot be successful at running your business, you will never be successful in delivering timber framing services. Yet you are so busy running your company and managing employees that you feel like you don’t have the time to learn these concepts. This workshop was developed with that in mind and has received positive feedback from past TFG conferences for the content and quality of presentation materials.

The MBA-in-a-Day pre-conference workshop provides practical insights into the fundamentals required to run your business such as company structure, business operations, contracts, insurance, tax liability, marketing, and web optimization. After reviewing the pros and cons of business types (sole proprietor, partnership, and types of corporations), the first session also addresses the tax implications of these entities. Following these basics, an in-depth session covers the types of available insurance and risks mitigated by these policies, including general and professional liability, automobile, property, business loss, unemployment, disability, product liability, and director’s liability. The bulk of the workshop is covering applicable law and the contract terms and conditions to keep you in good stead with clients and out of court. Every participant will leave with a sample contract that they can modify to meet their needs. A special session covers intellectual property protection such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents. The final segment of this one-day workshop addresses marketing and website development and optimization for successful lead generation.  

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