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The Basics of Building

This course presents the basic techniques and principles of house building, timber framing, and carpentry. It is the first course in our four-week Timber Framing Intensive, but may be taken as a stand-alone course. It fulfills the recommended prerequisite for those less-experienced who want to take the other courses in the Intensive.

The course includes:

  • the concepts of plumb, level, and square, how they rule the framing process, and how to track and measure them to keep your projects in "good shape"
  • measuring angles and using basic construction geometry with the framing square for building roofs and stairs
  • becoming competent with both hand and power tools to be able to measure and cut to within 1/32nd of an inch.
  • extensive practice with power tools such as the table saw, portable circular saw, compound miter saw, as well as hand saws
  • all tools for measuring, marking, cutting, shaping, attaching materials, and deconstruction that you would typically find on a housebuilding project. We will also present the hand tool kit required to build a house, which can be carried in a single toolbox.
  • the all-important techniques of sharpening edge tools and hand saws
  • "tricks" of the trade to make your work easier and safer

Visit or contact: or 413-623-6677.

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Elevating the design of timber structures

High grade inland timber, est. 1928

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