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Timber Frame Raising Rendezvous

Ever heard of Hornby Island?  Its a smallish rock reached by 3 ferry rides - and a dramatic drop in stress - from the lower mainland of British Columbia (western Canada).  In early October TFG Members are invited to converge on Hornby for a educational holiday weekend (Oct 5-8) of  timber frame cutting and raising.  Similar to our previous Rendezvous events, folks are welcome to join colleagues and the public to raise an octagonal Fire Pit Shelter for the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre.

Precursor to raising the frame on site will be a unique training event.  From Sept 30 - Oct 4 gutsy, but humble, timber framers are invited to sign up for a Compound Roof Joinery Workshop.

The main event - held over Canada Thanksgiving weekend - will be raising of this special structure.  We hope to do it “by hand” if we can refine the best and safest methods to do so efficiently.  The site is challenging to reach so 'truck pooling' from Courtenay is encouraged and we’ll have a transport bus running once on the Islands.  We can promise mediocre food, damp raw weather, a challenging frame to figure out, and lots of colleagues with good mojo to make it another amazing TFG experience.  


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Elevating the design of timber structures

High grade inland timber, est. 1928

Quality, customer satisfaction, longevity.

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