Timber Grading Training Course

Timber Grading Training Course

Timber Grading Training Course, sponsored by the Timber Frame Engineering Council and the Timber Framers Guild. 

Where: Timber Artisans, LLC 
            Website: www.timberartisans.com
            Address: 1750 Signal Point Rd., Charleston, SC 29412
            Phone: 843.412.3124

When: Monday, October 23, 2017 – Wednesday (noon), October 25, 2017

Cost: $600.00 per person. Enrollment limited to 13-20 people.

Includes: Two and a half days of instruction and hands-on training plus course materials. Lunch, coffee, light refreshments provided.



Terry Roberts (Lead)

Terry has been a Quality Supervisor with the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau since 1979. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Wood Science and Technology. As a Quality Supervisor he has extensive experience working with lumber producers through Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. As a District Supervisor and Senior Quality Supervisor he coordinates inspection and quality improvement programs within the Southern Pine producing region.

Mr. Roberts was instrumental in establishing the SPIB Formal Training Program and led development of the Grader Training Course and the Kiln Course. He has instructed these courses since 2001.

Bob Browder (Assisting)

Bob is the Director of Lumber with the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau. He has a Bachelor of Science in Wood Science and Technology from N.C. State University and a Master of Science from the Air Force Institute of Technology. He is a Certified Quality Engineer by the American Society of Quality. He has worked as a Quality Supervisor, Technical Manager, and Director of Lumber with the SPIB.

Mr. Browder manages the development of grade rules and design values for Southern Pine. He is a member of the American Society for Testing Materials, Committee Member with the APA Laminated Timber Standards Development Committee, a Design Professional member of the American Wood Council, and an alternate member of the American Lumber Standard Committee.

Ron Anthony

Ron Anthony is a wood scientist with Anthony & Associates, Inc, in Fort Collins, CO. He received M.S. and B.S. degrees in wood science and technology from Colorado State University. He focuses on assessment of timber structures, including in-situ grading of structural timber. Mr. Anthony is a member of the Timber Frame Engineering Council and a principal instructor for the TFEC’s Timber Grading Training Course.



  • Day 1 will focus on an introduction to the science behind the grading rules and developing an understanding of how the interpretation of the grading rules can impact the performance of structural timber; will also examine issues associated with existing structures and with reclaimed/reused timber. 
  • Day 2 will follow with learning about the SPIB grading rules as they pertain to structural timber, and applying those rules to full size samples (note that grading rules are similar across the various grading agencies, so skills learned will apply beyond the species graded under SPIB rules).
  • Day 3 will continue with training using full size samples, and will culminate with a written and practical examination. Upon successful completion, participant will receive a certificate of course completion issued by the TFEC.  

"I found this course to be both informative and tremendously empowering. I now understand the lumber industry’s regulatory workings and the concepts behind the grading rules in a new way. This course not only showed me how to better apply and interpret the grading rules, it also freed me from rigidly applying them in situations where some of the rules are of less significance from a structural engineering perspective. Ron Anthony is a great instructor, both entertaining and wise. When teamed up with the trainers from the grading agencies, he really enables the attendees - whether sawyer, framer, architect or engineer - to leverage the grading training they receive to do their jobs better and to provide better value to clients."

- Tom Nehil

Contact info@tfguild.org or 360-746-6571 for more information about this course.

Event Cancellation Policy: If there are special circumstances such as an emergency health situation then we honor a full refund or apply it toward a future TFG conference or event, which is the preferred method. If it is more than a month before the event 75% refund , 50% between 4 & 2 weeks and no refund within two weeks of the event. 

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