Christian Gudmand

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Christian Gudmand

Like many of us, I did not start in timber framing. I went to college in Massachusetts for mechanical engineering and spent four years setting myself up for a career in that field. It’s a career based on numbers and problem-solving, and design and analysis. After some college internships, I began working at a contract engineering company. What drew me to the company was its hands-on style. Engineers didn’t just sit in a cubicle but were able to build and assemble—to really do something in the shop. It never felt like enough though. There was no satisfaction or passion behind what I did, it was just work. My grandfathers on both sides were passionate about design and craftsmanship. My father finds joy in turning bowls and other treasures on his lathe. Craftmanship and wood is in my blood, but these folks didn’t pursue it professionally. That genetic love of creating is what gets me in my basement to build. It occurred to me that your job is what you spend most of your adult life doing, so if you don’t love it, why do it? So I took a timber framing job at Hardwick Post and Beam in August 2014. I started working on the bench hand cutting all kinds of different timber frames and loved every minute of it. Bonus: I actually got to wear Carhartts to work!


Through an unforeseen turn of events, I was asked to run the company when the then-manager was planning to move on to his next adventure. As someone who had been timber framing for about a year, I made the reckless decision to begin running the company in August of 2015, and have been doing so ever since. Joining this company in 2014 showed me another passion in my life: timber framing. Everything about it thrills me. Crafting, installation, design, the business side, clients, all of it. I have spent the past five years voraciously learning everything I can about running a business. Sometimes because I would choose to learn it, sometimes because circumstance would force me to. Either way, I have loved learning about all aspects of the industry. The Guild has been instrumental in that process. I found a group so willing to share and help that I instantly fell in love with it. I am excited to continue running this company for as long as I can and to continue learning everything I can. I want to bring this passion and excitement to the Guild. 


I am currently serving on the Companies Committee working on ways to bring more benefits to the different businesses that make up the Guild. I have also been active in creating a peer-to-peer networking system that allows different companies to help each other grown and learn. I am excited for the opportunity to participate in the Guild even more as a board member.


As I look around the Guild, there are incredibly talented business leaders and craftspeople everywhere. I have substantially less experience than most it seems. What I lack in experience I make up for in drive and passion. I want to help companies succeed in this demanding industry. I want companies to be profitable, busy, and safe. Everything from craft beer to craft who-knows-what, there is a focus on high-quality craft products. That is our specialty. And if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

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