Dana Southworth

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Dana Southworth

The Guild has had its hooks in me for over half my life. I would like to try to give back to an organization that has captivated and benefited me, my family, and our small business since the early 1990s. Participating in the notching, raising, and roofing of Ed Levin’s neatly designed pavilion for Franklin Pierce University at the 1993 TFGNA workshop in Rindge, New Hampshire, helped set that hook. On-going involvement in Guild activities, both up close and from afar has kept the hook set.

I hope to bring to the effort some practical experience from running a small timber framing/general contracting company. Fostering craftsmanship, managing client expectations, scheduling workflow, holding bottom lines, maintaining a sense of humor—all the usual but nonetheless important aspects of keeping a business - or a business organization - on the tracks. Working productively with folks from different backgrounds and often different motivations is an on-going challenge in any enterprise, the Guild included. The past 13 years' work at Garland Mill Timberframes has brought this into perspective through the realities of responding to changes in building science, changes in the workforce, and generational ownership change at our company.

In the fall of 2004, I returned to northern New Hampshire from Sarajevo, Bosnia, to help run the family business. My cousin Ben and I bought the sawmill and timber frame shop from our fathers, and while taking the company in some new directions we have remain grounded in the traditions of quality and caring they established. Raising two sons with my wife Izabela is another equally gratifying full-time job, and active involvement in our local community (chairing the town budget committee and volunteering on a number of boards) keeps me on my toes.

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