Ellen Gibson

Directors at Large


Ellen Gibson

In 1998, I managed the woodshop at the Massachusetts College of Art. Two faculty members returned from a timber framing workshop at Heartwood School with a new passion, and I was introduced to the Guild, participating in conferences and projects. I became hooked on the enthusiasm and energy of the teams that I was working with, the dedication to craftsmanship, the love of tools—and the pure fun of the projects, being together, working hard, and sharing ideas and skill sets.

I have had the privilege to participate in some amazing projects as an instructor and a student. The teamwork and teaching have been incredibly rewarding. I’ve never felt so comfortable asking questions, trying new techniques, and sharing information as within the Guild. The thoughtful care and concern for the craft of timber framing are evident.

I am not a professional framer. I make furniture, sculptures, odd objects, and frames. I’ve had a small woodworking company for years. I grew up in a timber frame building, so although I didn’t know the terminology, the general structural techniques have always been visually familiar.

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