Kieran McLaury Taylor

Directors at Large


Kieran McLaury Taylor

Kieran McLaury Taylor started timber framing in Maine in 2004 with Rockport Post and Beam and continued in Oregon in 2012 with Swiftsure Timberworks and then Ashland Post and Beam. He’s also been a "gun for hire" for The Cascade Joinery, New Energy Works, and Firmitas.


For the past decade, he’s been a member of the Guild and involved as both a participant and teacher in large and small projects. He’s passionate about timber framing and committed to building lasting structures of quality.


Knowing timber framing is hard to learn: a complicated group of skills that takes time and specific, expensive tools to do well, the process of developing acumen in this trade takes years and funding that are sometimes difficult to justify by the individual. He is a big supporter of the apprenticeship program and looks forward to working on the apprenticeship program and see it come to fruition as a pillar of our community.


As a member of the board, he believes his best role would be as a listener, gathering information about the challenges faced by the board, the members, and our partners. His passions are knowledge preservation and transfer, energy efficiency, waste stream reduction, and justice for all.


When not timber framing, Kieran is hard at work at home implementing permaculture design concepts with his wife, Valkyrie, and their rescue dog, cat, rabbits, and chickens. 

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