Heartwood School


The Heartwood School was established in 1978 to teach the skills and knowledge needed to build an energy-efficient house. Today, Heartwood focuses on timber framing and related topics, serving beginning to advanced students.

Over more than four decades, we have learned that the people who come to Heartwood, varied as they are, together share a clear determination to empower their hands, to train their eyes for quality and beauty in the design of things, and to explore the ways we might live in a more honest relationship with our planet.

The commitment to become an active creator of your environment as a designer or builder asserts your right to make a difference and enables you to build places that express your care for the life that will happen within them.

Our building practices reflect this spirit and we hope you will join us at the Heartwood School this year. 


Please check our Course Description page to see our 2023 offerings. 

To learn more about Heartwood School Scholarships please refer to our Scholarship Application page.

Please review our policies on withdrawal/cancellation, discounts and taking pictures at the school. Prospective students should also review our Code of Conduct and Waiver and Release of Liability.

If you are interested in purchasing a Heartwood student structure, or if you have any additional questions please contact us at:

 request@heartwoodschool.com or 1-603-678-1156.

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