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Basics of Building *CANCELLED*
Oct 2, 2023 - Oct 6, 2023 $1,000
Unfortunately this course will not be offered in the 2023 season. This course gives students a basic overview of general terms, tools, and techniques used in the field of carpentry. Learn how to safely use a wide range of hand and power tools while building a small structure such as a garden shed. We'll go over house framing and layout while looking at the anatomy of a structure, floor, wall, and roof systems. Whether you're planning on building a house, just want to learn some basic carpentry skills, or want to learn the vocabulary to be able to communicate with a contractor, this course will help you gain the confidence you'll need.
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Scribe Joinery - Timber Framing w/ French Scribe
Oct 8, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023 $1,400
In this class we will be taking a deep dive into French scribing, a centuries-old technique for laying out joinery with minimal numeric calculation or math. It is particularly useful for joining out-of-square timbers and curved timbers that have been milled with flat faces. With the use of a full-scale chalk line drawing on the floor, paired with steady hands and simple tools like a plumb bob, pencil, and straight edge, students will learn to transfer the unique shape of each timber to adjoining members, along with layout for mortise and tenon joinery.
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Timber Framing
Nov 12, 2023 - Nov 18, 2023 $1,400 FULLJoin Waitlist
Timber framing is a traditional framing technique that is incorporated into all building projects at the Heartwood School. In this class, we will lay out and cut the joinery for a complete frame and assemble it, and then raise it at the end of the course.
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Mastering Timber Framing Stereotomy: Crafting Timeless Structures with Practical Stereotomy
Dec 2, 2023 - Dec 8, 2023 $1,400
Immerse yourself in a practical learning experience focused on mastering the art of the ancient technique of stereotomy for timber framing. In this hands-on workshop, students will work collaboratively to construct an outdoor timbered structure on the school campus. Throughout the course, students will apply practical stereotomy techniques to solve for layout by snapping chalk lines on the floor of the building. They will then lay out the timber pieces on top of the drawing, extrapolate the layout onto the timbers, and cut the timbers independently. Key Points of this course: -Stereotomy Fundamentals -Solve seemingly 'complex' layout -Traditional and Modern Joinery Techniques -Real-world Construction Experience -Historical and Cultural Significance of Stereotomy
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