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SketchUp is a powerful and effective, yet user-friendly, computer drawing and modeling program for sharing ideas in 3D. The basic program, SketchUp Free, is a free browser-based program that offers many tools for the builder, timber framer, and designer. The program can be used as a sketching tool as well as a formal presentation tool for communicating concepts to clients and the shop. 

This workshop will cover the basics of the software and work toward completing a small timber frame design from rough sketch to client presentation. The class is a great chance for new users to learn the software in the context of a finished project or for experienced 3D and CAD designers to learn and expand their skills with an incredibly powerful modeling and presentation tool.

You'll learn how to sketch and think in 3D by drawing a project from start to finish. We will piece together our sample project from rough concept through presentation sketches and a virtual fly-through. You'll also learn how to cut sections, build timber and parts libraries, troubleshoot common modeling woes, and use SketchUp as a problem solver for design issues. If time allows, we will play with shadow studies and photomatch.

Due to bandwidth limitations at the schoolhouse that would preclude the use of the browser-based version of the software, students will be required to bring a laptop preloaded with either the paid subscription version of SketchUp Pro or a free 30-day trial of the Pro version. (Previously available downloaded versions of SketchUp Make 2017 will also work.) It is also essential to have a 3-button mouse for ease of navigating and working with your 3D model.

Jul 12, 2021 - Jul 14, 2021 $550

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