SketchUp for Timber Framing 2 (Intermediate Level)

SketchUp rendering of house interior

This class is for students who have a good command of the basics of SketchUp as described in the beginner class and are ready to learn additional skills. We'll start with a brief overview of components, scenes, and styles, and learn how to use tags to turn on and off features in different scenes. 

2D rendering of round barn for presentation

Then, using the classic Heartwood frame as a starting point, we'll look at the following:

  • Adding compound framing (hips, valleys, and jacks) to timber frame models
  • Using Solid Tools (Intersect, Subtract, Trim, Split, and Union) to create joinery
  • Setting up cross-section views to export to Layout for shop plans
  • Using Layout (available in the Pro version only):
    • set up sheets, creating title blocks with company logo, importing views
    • dimensioning, adjusting scale and dimension styles, adding notes
    • combining different view styles for clarity and impact
  • Using Photo Match to combine existing context with proposed new construction
  • Sharing tricks and tips for streamlining the drawing process

Attendees must have purchased the Pro version of SketchUp (or signed up for the free 30-day trial) and have it installed on their laptops prior to the course. It is also essential to have a 3-button mouse for ease of navigating and working with your 3D model.

This class is designed for the intermediate SketchUp user. Students should have previously taken the Intro class or have command of the skills described in the beginner class. This class will cover the skills described above. For the more advanced SketchUp user, we recommend the Advanced SketchUp Seminar, to be offered at a date to be determined.

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Rendering of tower using SketchUp Pro and LayOut

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