Timber Framing with Power Tools

A timber framer using a power tool on a timber.

The craft of timber framing has had a long history in architecture. Timber frame structures are well known for their unique beauty and the ability to withstand the test of time. Consisting of mortise and tenon joinery, timber frame structures are a delight to build, provide timeless beauty, and are stronger than basic conventional structures. In this class, we will layout and cut the joinery for a complete timber frame, assemble the bents and follow it up with a good old-fashioned hand raising.

We will use square rule layout in this class. Timber framing using the traditional square rule method allows the builder to use rough sawn timbers to construct the frame and we will add a modern twist to this traditional building method, with the focus of the course on safely integrating power tool use into the cutting of the timbers.  


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