Stereotomy: Building the "Moore" End Table

Traditionally, when the young journeyman on the "Tour-de-France" arrived at a new shop, he would build a pair of sawhorses for the obvious practical reasons, but also to indicate to the owner where he stood in his tour. The more complex he built it, the more time he had been studying Stereotomy - Art du Trait. This would in turn dictate to the owner the journeyman's position in the company and the level of complexity that could be delegated to him. It would help the journeyman fix a suitable position in the company based on his skill, experience, and knowledge, and understanding of Stereotomy. The knowledge of stereotomy is so important that UNESCO has classified it on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as of 2009.

In this two-day workshop, students will build their own French Trestle; a specific design called the Moore End Table. Students will learn to create 2D stereotomical drawings using the visuospatial part of the brain, a drafting square, a pencil, and a ruler. Each student will be taught how to use this part of their mind to visualize in 3D, draw in 2D, and then construct their trestle.

A prerequisite of the course is to have knowledge, understanding, and use of hand tools (i.e. chisels, hand saws, layout tools).

Key Points:

  • Basics of drafting
  • How to develop a set of stereotomical drawings: plan view, elevation view, net view
  • How to use the drawings to layout the trestle
  • How to cut compound angles
  • How to layout, cut, and assemble the Moore table
  • The voyage and experience of a journeyman
  • What is Stereotomy
  • How Stereotomy was used in the past and its relevance today


The instructor for this course is Patrick Moore.

Patrick Moore has more than 10 years of schooling from around the world and became the first, and currently only person from both American continents to be received as a "Compagnon Passant Charpentier" in France. He completed his masters with the esteemed "Association ouvriere des compagnon du devoir de tour de France" the most prestigious private university for carpentry in Paris, France. He has had pieces on display at the "Musee du Compagnonnage" in Tours, France the "Musee des Maitres et Artisans du Quebec" in Montreal, Canada, and currently has works on exhibition at the "Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum" in Kobe, Japan. Patrick has two diplomas; one in heritage carpentry and the other in heritage masonry and is a holder of the Red Seal certificate in carpentry. He specializes in historic carpentry and has worked around the world on nationally and internationally classified historical sites. He wields an extensive portfolio, two UNESCO classified World Heritage Sites, numerous nationally classified historical monuments in Europe and North America, as well as new construction of luxury high-end private residences. He has written articles for multiple timber framing and woodworking journals in North America and Europe. In 2014 he founded and created the Professional School of Practical Stereotomy in Ottawa, Canada, a school unique in the English-speaking world where students are able to obtain a master's certificate either online or on location. 

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