The Art of Drafting

Drawing has always been an essential tool for building. In early times, the Master Builder was as adept at design and drawing as he was at the actual building. Most of the world's greatest architectural achievements were by master builders. In the nineteenth century, the architect profession sprung up and created a dichotomy between design and building. Architects designed and contractors built. A strong trend today is Design-Build, where both functions are in the same firm and thus harking back to the days of the Master Builder.

This two-day course will teach the skills to put pencil to paper, the traditional art of drafting.  Students will learn about the types of drawing mediums, drafting tools and aids, drawing to scale, the various views, lettering, and drawing conventions. Whether you are making timber frame shop drawings, architectural drawings, or mechanical drawings, this course will serve as a handy introduction.  

While some supplies and tools are provided by Heartwood, students are expected to bring a portable drawing board and some drafting equipment.


Jack A. Sobon is an architect, builder, and teacher specializing in timber framed buildings.  Since 1980 he has devoted his life to understanding the craft of timber framing.  Using only traditional hand tools and often starting right in the forest, he has framed and erected over 50 structures.  As an architect, he consults on historic structures as well as designing new timber framed structures.  He was a founding director of the Timber Framers Guild and founder of the Traditional Timber Frame Research and Advisory Group, an offshoot of the Guild.  He has four books to his credit including his latest: Hand Hewn, the Traditions, Tools, and Enduring Beauty of Timber Framing.

Recommended Reading

  • Architectural Graphics, 6th Edition by Francis D.K. Ching
  • Architectural Graphic Standards, 12th Edition by American Institute of Architects

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