Raising & Rigging

Safely raising a frame

Here is an opportunity to learn the few, but necessary, knots (a dozen or so) needed by the timber framer to safely lift heavy loads and tying off timbers for shipment. Students will practice these knots until they own them. All the elements of a knot, bend, and hitch will be covered. 

The rigging of blocks and use of tackle will be demonstrated. You will learn how to construct and adjust a gin pole (luffing) using various rope hitches and tackle. Time permitting, we will show you how to arrange, rig, and raise tripods and shear legs (A-frames) and maneuver a load with a jib-arm. More maneuverable and versatile than shear legs, the gin pole requires more rope and guying points (anchors).

Splicing synthetic and manila ropes for eyes and joining lengths will be practiced. Finding lift points, center of gravity (CoG), and how to secure pieces and bents for raising will also be covered, as well as crane signaling and the basics of crane setup and operations. 

Recommended Reading

Additional Reading

  • Handbook of Rigging for Construction and Industrial Operations, 4th Edition by W.E. Rossnagel, Lindley R. Higgins, & Joseph MacDonald
  • Rigging Techniques, Procedures, and Applications: US Army Field Guide FM5-125 by The United States Army

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