Sales Engineer

Help Wanted, Sales Engineer, Ferndale, WA read more »
Ferndale, WA

Experienced Timber Framer in PA

Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc. is seeking 1 or 2 skilled, dedicated and passionate timber framers with at least 2-3 years of experience in timber framing. Email to apply. read more »
York, PA

Ride Share from Norfolk Area to Williamsburg, VA

I am arriving in the Norfolk area on Wednesday trying to head to the Williamsburg area to make it for the tour on Thursday morning.  read more »
Ottawa, ON

Wood lover and customer service specialists needed- work from anywhere, USA.

Heritage Natural Finishes is a growing company that manufacturers natural oil finishes for the timber frame, log home... read more »
Escalante, UT

looking for roommate for the conference in Virginia Beach

Hi, I'm looking to share a room at the upcoming conference. Haven't booked a room yet. email me at... read more »
Talent, OR

Available stump

There is a 12ft+ Beech stump available for the taking. It's diameter is 5ft at the top, cercomference... read more »
Boston, MA

Garland Split Head Mallets

I have found a distributor who will give a 15% discount on these mallets and the family's summer... read more »
South San Francisco, CA

Wemple Dutch Barn for Sale

WEMPLE DUTCH BARN ideal for use by architect/builder:... read more »
Rotterdam, NY

Eastern Conference ride to Williamsburg

I'm taking Uber from the airpot to the Founders Inn therefore will be without transportation to the Williamsburg... read more »
Atlanta, GA

Room share in Virginia

call me at 415 810 4965 if you want to share a room I have booked.   Allan... read more »
South San Francisco, CA

Help Wanted

Experienced Carpenter/Timber Framer read more »
Belvidere, NJ

Experienced Timber Frame Crew Leader

WholeTrees is a Wisconsin-based company that prefabricates structural systems made of round timber. The company currently seeks a... read more »
Madison, WI

Timber Frame Layout Square

The goal was simple: create a layout square that increases accuracy, decreases layout time, and makes the layout process... read more »
Mountain Rest, SC

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